Black Lines at the Gum Line and Unnatural Looking Crowns

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A black line at the gumline or a tooth that looks fake because of a flat, bright un-natural color or a tooth that is too bulky compared to the adjacent teeth are sure indications of a crown that is an esthetic failure. With appropriate materials, procedures, and skill lifelike crowns will blend in naturally with adjacent natural teeth. A black line at the gumline of a crown is caused when the underlying metal framework supporting the porcelain shows through. A properly done crown with an acceptable margin should have no black line. A crown that appears too large or out of scale for the adjacent teeth is caused by inadequate reduction of the tooth before the crown is fabricated. Flat and superficial looking crowns that don’t match the adjacent teeth are often caused by inadequate reduction and preparation of the crowned tooth. The use of a quality dental lab is also critical for natural looking crowns.

Beauiful, natural looking crowns (commonly referred to as caps) are a hallmark of skilled dentistry. If you would like a consultation regarding a more natural smile, contact our office.