Delta Dental of California and Other Dental Insurance

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We get asked a lot about whether or not we accept certain insurance plans.

Our practice accepts 90% of the dental insurance plans out there including Delta Dental.

We welcome any patient in our practice no matter what their insurance program with a few exceptions. We do not accept Dental Maintenance Organizations (DMOs), and we do take Denti-cal patients. Fortunately the great majority of dental insurance programs do not fall in either of these two categories.

DMOs and Denti-cal severly limit the patient’s options for modern dental treatment. Our dental practice is all about providing our patients with comprehensive modern dentistry options for their dental health and total fitness. Our patients are able to make informed decisions about their dental care. Accepting the limitations of these types of insurance plans would not allow us to do the quality dentistry we want for all our patients.

If you are not sure about your insurance, contact your employer’s benefits administrator or refer to the plan booklet they provided you. If your booklet or employer provides you with a list of provider dentists, and we are not on that list and you are still unsure whether or not you can utilize your dental plan in our office, you may call our office to inquire. Just ask for Lisa.