Full-Mouth Restoration – A NonSurgical Face Lift!

Modern restorative dentistry can rebuild any mouth into a beautiful, comfortable, fully-functioning smile. Advanced Dental Excellence is committed to providing the best restorative services available today.

In our approach to a full mouth restoration, we do a case four times to ensure the highest level of comfort and function and to produce long lasting and esthetically pleasing (cosmetic) results.

During the first visit we do a comprehensive workup that would include an exam, impressions, photographs, and any x-rays needing to be updated. Just as importantly I spend time with our patients discussing how they visual the final results. We then would use the photographs to visual the restoration. This first visit would take approximately one hour.

Next I do the restoration on diagnostically-mounted models of the patient’s mouth. This allows me to show the patient on the second visit exactly what the treatment options are, the costs, and how it will look. The patient’s costs up to this point are approximately $300. The patient then decides if they want to continue on with the proposed teatment and when.

Thirdly, I use this “blue print” to make provisional restorations allowing the patient to preview the final result in his/her mouth. We would make any final modifications at that time.

Lastly, based on the provisional restorations that the patient has approved, our lab would make the final restorations using the highest quality materials.

A full-mouth restoration not only restores comfort and function, it also has a major impact on the patient’s appearance. Our full-mouth restorations will enhance your looks. You will appear younger and more attractive and without the pain and risks associated with plastic surgery. Our restorations last longer than face lifts and are a fraction of the cost too.