How Do Dentists Keep Up With Advances in Dentistry?

Like all health care professionals dentists must keep up with advances that are made in the field of dental science. To do this we take continuing education (continuing ed) courses. In my opinion the two professional organizations who best exemplify commitment to excellence in post-graduate dental education are the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) and Creating Restorative Excellence (CRE). The visionary efforts of organizations such as these have resulted in significantly higher standards of patient care.

The AGD, among other things, awards a Mastership to those members who complete 1100 hours of post-grad ed in 16 dental disciplines. Through CRE’s Distinguished Mentor program, dentistry now can provide predictable, controlled and cost effective restorative dentistry of the highest caliber. For links to AGD and CRE websites, go to the “Meet the Doctor” page of this website.