Letter from Dr. John C. Kois

Dear Jim,

Through your help and guidance, Creating Restorative Excellence, Center For Advanced Dental Learning has enabled many dentists and dental assistants to achieve extraordinary levels. Your contributions have ignited an integral part of our ongoing growth and development, commensurate with our desire to improve.

It is my sincere pleasure to acknowledge your efforts by recognizing you as a Distinguished Mentor; a loyal advisor entrusted with the care and education of others. This selection was based on many factors including the number of years you have participated combined with the courses you have attended.

To me, more importantly, a Distinguished Mentor represents your honesty, integrity and dedication to the center. In addition, it serves to recongize your efforts to enhance your knowledge, challenge your thought process and develop new paradigms while pursuing your vision of excellence. It is now your responsibility to enable others to pursue their journey down a pathway destined to implement their vision.

Best Personal Regards,

John C. Kois, D.M.D., M.S.D.

Kois Center (formerly CRE)

Seattle, Washington