Mini Dental Implants

If you have been told you do not have enough bone for tooth implants or you chose not to do implants for financial considerations, mini implants may be exactly what you need.

The bone underlying a denture deteriorates because there are no longer teeth present. This results in dentures slipping and wobbling which lets food underneath the base and can create sore areas especially a with lower denture. The lips have to work harder to keep the denture in place, and this makes a natural expression difficult and can even affect speech. The loss of jawbone results in an aged facial shape. These problems rob many denture wearers of their confidence in social situations.

Conventional implants have been used to provide stable denture anchorage and maintain remaining jawbone. However, they require sufficient bone volume in order to be placed, and it will take three to six months for bone to grow around the fixture before the denture can be anchored to the implants. These restrictions used to mean that not everyone was a suitable candidate for implants.

A mini implant is only 1.8 millimeters in diameter (about the size of a toothpick) which means that there is always enough bone in the front of the jaw to place them and much less surgery needed to accomplish the placement. In addition they have been designed so they can be secured to the lower denture during the same office visit. Mini implants are placed in the morning, the denture immediately attached, and the patient will be comfortably eating lunch that same day. As an added bonus, the simplicity of attachment components and reduced surgery means lower costs compared to the conventional implant process.

Mini implant technology means everyone can have a well fitting, comfortable lower denture. Contact our office for a consultation.