Painless Shots at the Dentist

Shots! I would say that this one word alone is the reason nearly 50% of the population does not go to the dentist on a regular basis. Yet, I will ask young adults with piercings if it hurt when they had it done, and I am usually told “no” or “not much”. Well, a body piercing needle’s bore is huge and considerably more pain inducing compared to an anesthetic syringe.

Without good anesthesia, some dental procedures would be too uncomfortable for the patient. With knowledgeable finesse, anesthesia can be delivered to a patient with little or often no discomfort. The most honest feedback I receive comes from children who often ask at the end of procedures in which anesthesia was used “Am I going to get a shot today?” How is this possible? The answer is good equipment and good technique.

Don’t let fear of “shots” keep you from receiving regular dental care. We can provide you with all the benefits of modern dental treatment in complete comfort.