Teeth Whitening – Latest Technology

Media today is constantly promoting different teeth whitening products. Over the counter products do lighten, but they are less than satisfactory for most people.

Among professional whitening products and procedures the best most long lasting results require a dental professional to take impressions of your mouth to create custom bleaching trays. These trays are worn by the patient at home along with the use of a prescription whitening agent. Most patients need only wear the trays for a few hours every night for about a week to present desirable results. This product is safe and effective even for teeth badly discolored by medications.

Until recently in-office instant whitening required a special light used by the dentist, often more than one appointment, and many patients found the procedure too uncomfortable. The latest improvements in whitening technology requires a single one-hour appointment, no special light (or laser), and patients find it far more comfortable. For long term, best results instant whitening must be followed up with the use of in-home whitening because instant whitening causes teeth to become temporarily dehydrated. If patients do not immediately follow up with in-home whitening products, rehydration with saliva will begin to darken the teeth dramatically within 24 hours. If the rehydration is done with a professional whitening agent and custom trays, teeth remain white and in fact continue to improve.