The Causes of Yellow Teeth

A bright smile emits a radiant and positive vibe. It can also raise a person’s confidence and give them a boost during day-to-day social interactions. Unfortunately, not everyone can achieve a picture-perfect celebrity smile worthy of being a magazine cover. Some people look in the mirror with disdain because of their yellow teeth.

before and after teeth whitening

What causes the teeth to turn yellow?

The causes of tooth discoloration may fall into the extrinsic or intrinsic category. Extrinsic stains are the stains found on the outer surface of the tooth enamel. Tooth enamel is easy to stain, but it is reversible. The most prevalent cause of teeth staining is a person’s lifestyle. Smoking and chewing tobacco products leave chemicals in the mouth that turn the teeth yellow. In addition, did you know that any form of food or drink that can stain your clothes can stain your teeth as well? This is why beverages like coffee, tea, and red wine are considered as one of the worst offenders for teeth stains. Popsicles and candies can stain the teeth too. Foods and beverages that are acidic can promote staining by eroding the enamel. As a result, this makes the pigments stain the teeth easily.

Intrinsic stains, on the other hand, are stains on the inner structure of the tooth and are difficult to remove. Certain medications can cause these stains, and one example is antibiotics. Children who take the said medication while their teeth are still developing can cause their teeth to discolor. This is also the same with pregnant women who take antibiotics while breastfeeding. Doing so can stain the teeth of their child. Other reasons behind the discoloration of the teeth are genetics, old age, illness, and injury.

How to prevent and treat yellow teeth

In order to avoid yellow teeth, it is best to pay attention to one’s diet. If a person often consumes foods or beverages with staining properties, it is best to limit their consumption. Practicing good dental hygiene is also a good thing to do. Brushing and flossing daily can eliminate plaque and bacteria. For people who have problems with yellow teeth, our cosmetic dentistry services in the form of veneers and professional teeth whitening are what they need. Our dentists at Randhawa Dentistry can address the concerns about the appearance of their teeth and determine what treatment is best suited for their needs.

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